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As the season changes and children adjust to a new year at school, we are reminded that military families must often contend with other realities, like moving to a new location. Approximately 25 per cent of regular force personnel are required to relocate to a new location each year, which can be an added challenge amidst a time that’s already marked by change.

As an organization that is committed to the health and well-being of those within the military and Veteran community, we have highlighted below a handful of programs that are making a difference for military and Veteran families, thanks to the support of True Patriot Love and our donors.


A life-changing experience at Camp Maple Leaf
It can be difficult for children from military families to form roots in their community and make long lasting friendships if they are constantly moving from city to city. Without this form of needed social connection, children can become isolated and lonely. 

Thankfully, Camp Maple Leaf provides a safe space for children from military and Veteran families to build connections and feel part of an extended family who all share similar experiences. 

With the help of highly trained staff (many of whom come from military and Veteran families) and fun-filled activities, campers are encouraged to try new things, build lasting friendships, create memories that they will cherish forever and much more. I
t is these experiences that can help them as they navigate their everyday lives and the unique stresses of military life. 

Thanks to dedicated True Patriot Love supporters, we have sent 797 children to camp since 2011. This has provided campers with life-changing experiences that will last forever.

Creating emotional safe spaces at school
A new posting can mean a new school for children, which can be hard if they are also facing challenges that accompany military life. Studies show that children from military families experience double the rate of mental health issues compared to children from civilian families.

Since 2017, True Patriot Love has funded an innovative program called Roots of Empathy in partnership with Bell Media. This program places volunteer parents and their baby into classrooms on a weekly basis where students can observe the young child's development and feelings. In turn, children learn to identify and reflect on their own emotions. 

Through True Patriot Love’s funding, Roots of Empathy has been able to train five staff from Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC) and school boards. This has expanded the program into schools that have students from military and Veteran families, and helped to change the lives of 328 children. All in all, the program has provided a safe space for children to share their feelings about navigating military life.  


Providing critical help to families of children with special needs
Often times, families of children with special needs must purchase specialized tools and resources, which can be a costly expense when the child may only need them for short periods of time. Also, there is often no way of testing how effective these tools will be on the child until after they are purchased, which could mean incurring costs on things that won’t be used.

Various learning materials for children with special needs

In 2018, True Patriot Love funded the Montreal Region MFRC’s lending library, where parents can borrow materials for long or short periods of time for children with special needs, at no cost. 

With no other facility of its kind in the region, True Patriot Love and the Montreal Region MFRC are dismantling the cost barrier to accessible critical resources for children with special needs. 


Various sensory materials for children with special needs


Youth using film to showcase Veterans

With funding from True Patriot Love, the St. John MFRC was able to connect children from military families with Veterans to produce short documentaries. Youth learned technical film skills and led every aspect of the documentary process such as filming, lighting, audio and editing.

Having captured the Veterans' experience in such a beautiful way, the documentaries were shown at a community screening with the Commanding Officer in attendance. They were also presented at the National Suicide Prevention Conference.

Thanks to our dedicated supporters, participants in the program left with new found skills in leadership and collaboration, both of which are essential in their social and academic lives.  

Click here to watch the documentaries. 

To learn more about our impact and how we're supporting the military and Veteran community, please refer to our 2018 Annual Appeal Report.

Events in support of the military and Veteran community
2nd Annual Captain Nichola Goddard Reception presented by Bennett Jones

Last year, True Patriot Love hosted the inaugural Captain Nichola Goddard reception. The event paid tribute to Captain Nichola Goddard, the first Canadian woman to die in combat during the Afghanistan conflict, and highlighted the hardships and triumphs of women in the military.

Thanks to our generous and dedicated attendees, True Patriot Love was able to raise $55,000 for the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund. The fund was created by the Goddard family and supports programs that provide critical resources to servicewomen, Veteran women and their families. In 2017, True Patriot Love began management of the fund, which has supported initiatives like the Veterans Transition Network and the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 110) women's program.

To continue this momentum, True Patriot Love will host the 2nd Annual Captain Nichola Goddard Reception, presented by Bennett Jones on October 30, 2019.


This intimate and inspiring reception will feature a panel of remarkable women from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who will share stories of the triumphs and challenges throughout their military careers and how this has shaped them into the leaders they are today. The discussion will shine a light on the unique experiences of women in the military and draw parallels between the military and business landscapes, making it relevant for both CAF and civilian attendees. 

To learn more about the event or to donate to the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund, click here

11th Annual True Patriot Love Tribute Gala

Please join us on November 7, 2019 for the 11th Annual True Patriot Love Tribute Gala to pay homage to our Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families.
The event will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s North Building and will raise critical funds to support lifechanging programs in the areas of mental health and well-being, Veterans’ transition, the special needs of families and children, physical health and rehabilitation, and innovative research. 

As Canada’s largest celebration in support of military members, Veterans and their families, last year’s event raised $1.4 million, and nearly $20 million has been raised since the very first Gala in 2009. 

We hope to see you at this year’s Gala to support the military and Veteran community and honour their selfless service and sacrifice. 

For more information on single tickets, table purchases or sponsorship, click here


Solider On, the play coming to Toronto

Produced by Amanda Faber and the Soldiers' Arts Academy (a platform through which military members and Veterans can participate in theatre) Solider On is a play within a play about a group of Veterans and actors who rehearse a play about a group of Veterans and actors. 

Although worlds apart, they begin to realize that there are more similarities between military life and the theatre, and they build a powerful new world of their own. This is a heart-warming story about surviving the forces, dealing with traumatic experiences, and what happens when you leave the military family.

Solider On will be live at the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre in Toronto from November 26 - December 8, 2019. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to True Patriot Love Foundation. 

For more information or to purchase your ticket, click here.

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