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Dear friends and supporters,
As we know, the world is facing an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting impacts that are being felt here in Canada and around the globe. I recognize this is a challenging period, and I’m writing today to reiterate the foundation’s commitment to supporting the military and Veteran community and to share how we’ve been responding to the situation. 
During this time of uncertainty, joining together to support those in need is more important than ever. There are still many serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans and families across the country who rely on our assistance, and the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly add additional challenges. We know that Canada’s military remains ready and prepared to protect our country amid the global crisis, and as Canada’s leading foundation supporting the military, True Patriot Love is proud to offer our unwavering support. 
Over the past few days, we have initiated outreach to our community-based partners to reaffirm our steadfast commitment to them and those they serve. While the True Patriot Love team works at home to do our part to flatten the curve of the pandemic, we will be maintaining an open line of communication to better understand our partners’ needs and concerns and to best prepare to support them as soon as we are able. 
For the present time, as all Canadians unite against the global pandemic, please know that True Patriot Love’s commitment remains strong and focused. 
I wish you and your family well. 

Nick Booth, MVO
Chief Executive Officer, True Patriot Love Foundation

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