Canadians across the country have had to handle significant changes to their everyday lives as we continue to face the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many parts of Canada begin to ease restrictions, the impacts of the health crisis are still prevalent, and True Patriot Love Foundation remains committed to standing by the individuals who serve our country and supporting those most in need. 

Many military members face challenges such as regular separation from family and other loved ones, and an elevated risk of injury or worse. Veterans can also face challenges with mental health, rehabilitation and recovery from injury and transitioning to civilian life. The current pandemic and the COVID-19 deployment to long-term care homes can intensify these issues and induce more stress. How individuals respond to stress is critical to well-being. Scientifically, the ability to face challenges and learn and grow from the experience is called durability or thriving. True Patriot Love is committed to funding programs that help foster durability and in this newsletter you will find a few examples of the programs we have funded that provide trusting social relations with others, physical well-being, meditation, and an environment that re-establishes a sense of control over mind and body.

In addition to providing support during the pandemic by funding community-based programs, True Patriot Love Foundation has been working to ensure the government recognizes the needs of military members and Veterans so they can be included in COVID-19 relief programs. We’ve also partnered with the Vanier Institute to fund the COVID-19 Impacts: Veteran families survey. This survey aims to capture the thoughts, experiences, and perspectives of Veterans or members of Veteran families amid the COVID 19 pandemic. The results will provide quantitative data on the impacts of the health crisis on the Veteran community to inform our grant-making decisions and support the need for funding and policies from government organizations like Veterans Affairs Canada. Veterans and members of Veteran families are encouraged to participate in the survey, which can be accessed here. The Vanier Institute is currently crowdsourcing this survey, so we encourage you to share the link with your networks, Veterans and Veteran families. For more information, please contact:

We know that donors and supporters like you make all of this possible and we thank you for your generosity and commitment to those who have and continue to serve our country. 

Programs that are building a thriving community
Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre: improving access to health care
Approximately 25 per cent of regular force personnel are required to relocate to a new location each year. This can create interruptions to medical care and health services for military members and their families – especially for those who relocate to remote locations where access to basic health care services is minimal. In fact, 44 per cent of military spouses find it extremely difficult to re-establish medical services after relocation. Issues include, finding a new doctor, acquiring specialist referrals, and losing a priority position on a waiting list. 

We are pleased to support the Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) through the 2020 Bell TPL Fund. Located in Quebec, this  MFRC will be offering military members, Veterans and their families a telemedicine service. This service will provide individuals with access to doctors and nurses who will be able to virtually consult and treat various health issues. 

The military and Veteran community in Quebec is over 100,000 strong. This program will help ensure individuals who have and continue to serve our country will be able to access health care services much easier than before. 

Soldier On: supporting military members and Veterans through sport
This year, True Patriot Love partnered with Soldier On with the intent to support Team Canada in the Invictus Games 2020 at The Hague. Because the Games have been postponed until 2021, staying connected is more important than ever. In light of the pandemic, Soldier On has been offering its members, including Team Canada athletes, virtual programming consisting of a combination of tutorials.

These tutorials range from advice on how to cope with social isolation and adaptive yoga, to sporting activities like fly fishing and kayaking. They’ve also provided inspirational video messages from notable ambassadors like hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser and actor Ryan Reynolds.

True Patriot Love is proud to see program partners like Soldier On maintain a peer-support network through sport, ensuring that military members and Veterans never feel alone. 

Veterans Transition Network: creating a network during unprecedented times  
Currently, there are over 600,000 Veterans in Canada, and studies have shown that one third of Canadian Armed Forces members have difficulty transitioning to civilian life.

With funding from the 2020 Bell TPL Fund, True Patriot Love has supported the Veterans Transition Network (VTN). Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the program would span three weekends, where participants would spend over 100 hours living together and take part in group sessions led by psychotherapists, counsellors, and past graduates of the program (paraprofessionals). With your generosity, the program has been able to implement a new model that consists of in-person sessions (adhering to social distance practices and gathering limitations) and video-conference follow-ups. Participants leave with a renewed sense of self and critical tools to successfully transition to civilian life. 

In addition to the unique stressors related to service, Veterans may feel an increase in isolation, emotional irregularities and struggles with relationships due to the pandemic. VTN's new service model will help participants overcome these challenges amidst these uncertain times. 

Project Trauma Support: continuing support amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
One in five Veterans are affected by post-traumatic stress and trauma. With the current pandemic, access to mental health care can be challenging. 

True Patriot Love is pleased to have funded Project Trauma Support through the 2020 Bell TPL Fund. Located in Perth, Ontario, this program is a five-day residential healing program delivered by medical professionals. Participants are provided with the opportunity to learn about emotional environments, build trust, and foster help-seeking behaviours, which equips them with the necessary tools to manage their service-related trauma once they leave the healing centre. The program has also enabled past graduates to start peer support groups for post-traumatic stress injuries in their communities. Since re-opening, Project Trauma Support has implemented social distance measures to ensure the safety of its participants and practitioners. 

Below you will find a testimonial from the wife of a participant on the benefits of the program:


To learn more about the 2020 Bell TPL Fund and the recipients, click here.
Showcasing trailblazing women in the Canadian Armed Forces

True Patriot Love is proud to support servicewomen in the Canadian Armed Forces, Veteran women, and the families that stand with them. Through the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund, True Patriot Love supports programs that provide critical resources to this key segment of the military and Veteran community, all in honour of Captain Nichola Goddard. Capt. Goddard was a brave Artillery Officer and an outstanding leader who at the age of 26 became the first Canadian woman soldier to die in a combat role. The fund has led to various initiatives that highlight the important role women play in the Canadian Armed Forces. This includes the annual Capt. Nichola Goddard Leadership Series, a panel discussion featuring women leaders in the military community, and most recently the For Her Country podcast.

For Her Country: an original podcast in honour of Capt. Nichola Goddard
For Her Country is True Patriot Love’s first-ever podcast. It aims to inspire and educate Canadians through the stories and experiences of trailblazing women in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Season one of the series wrapped up in June and culminated in a Virtual Fireside Chat earlier this month featuring three of the podcast guests. Attendees heard as Lieutenant-Colonel Eleanor Taylor, Warrant Officer Avril Jno-Baptiste-Jones and Sergeant Leslie Blair shared personal stories about their experience in the military and provided their perspective on diversity and inclusion, leadership and resilience. 

Please see below for the full recording and be sure to share with your family and friends. 

Season two: six additional leading women
Earlier this month the foundation launched season two of For Her Country, which includes six inspiring guests: Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Anne Reiffenstein, one of Canada’s first women to enter the forces in a combat role; Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer for B.C. who served as a medical officer in the Royal Canadian Navy for a decade; Lieutenant (Navy) Jenn Martin, a naval warfare officer; Captain (Retired) MaryAnn Barber, True Patriot Love Best of Canada Expedition participant, Canadian Armed Forces Able Seaman (AB) Yvette Yong, a world-class athlete; and Master Corporal (Retired) Natalie Forcier, Baffin Island Expedition participant.

The podcast can be found on many listening platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and True Patriot Love’s YouTube Channel. Click here for more information. Our next episode airs July 28. 

Upcoming True Patriot Love Events

10th Annual Invitational for Heroes Golf Tournament
September 22, 2020
This Fall, True Patriot Love will host the 10th Annual Invitational for Heroes golf tournament, presented by RBC Insurance. This event will highlight the resiliency and perseverance of those who have dedicated their lives to serving Canada by featuring members of the military and Veterans who have used sport in their journey of recovery and rehabilitation, and in their transition to civilian life. Attendees will have the opportunity to partake in a live demonstration of golf techniques that allow ill and injured military members and Veterans to play golf.  

Please be sure to secure your foursome while spots are still available, or consider one of our unique sponsorship opportunities. Funds raised from this signature event will allow True Patriot Love to continue funding critical resources for the military and Veteran community. Click here, for more information. 

12th Annual True Patriot Love Tribute Gala
November 10, 2020
Each year, True Patriot Love Foundation hosts the annual Tribute Gala, presented by Bell. This signature event provides guests with the opportunity to pay tribute to the military and Veteran community and raise critical funds for life-changing programs. 

Due to COVID-19, the Gala will take place across multiple smaller venues within the Greater Toronto Area with approximately 50 guests per location. This will provide guests with the opportunity for an intimate gathering with a pre-recorded program that will be shared on screen at each venue. In addition to supporting the military and Veteran community, a portion of the event will also support those who served on the front lines of the pandemic. We hope to raise over $1 million, which will help make a lasting impact in the lives of many. For more information on becoming a sponsor, or to purchase a table or single tickets, click here

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